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Shanghai Xuhui Education Bureau looks after basic education across Xuhui District, under the leadership of the district government.

Address: 336 Cao Xi Bei Lu, Xuhui District, Shanghai 200030, China

Telephone: 8621-64872222-Ext. Xuhui Education Bureau

Education in XuHui


Xuhui District stands out like a brilliant pearl amongst the urban centre of the international metropolis of Shanghai. This is the cradle of Shanghai modern education, which enjoys a healthy economy and extensive social programmes. On this fertile land for education, Chinese and western cultures coexist and fuse, modernity and tradition thrive hand in hand. Here is where you will find universal pre-school education, balanced compulsory schooling, diversified high school education, holistic vocational training, and inclusive lifelong education like vibrant notes of music, Xuhuis educational offerings come together in concert.


Xuhui education has a long history and moves forward on a solid foundation. It is home to about 200 schools at different levels, among which 18 schools witnessed ups and downs for over a century. A number of Xuhui schools play an exemplary leading role in the city of Shanghai or even in the whole nation. Pioneering in the field of science and education at the national level, countless men and women of distinction have been fostered here. Xuhui education contrives to benefit every family and embrace every child.


Xuhui schools are encouraged to explore the local application of international curricula and carry out cross-cultural and interdisciplinary joint projects. Closely connected by Xuhuis collaborations with overseas partners and the development of school links, international exchanges with diversified focuses reflect Xuhui educations inner spirit of openness and inclusiveness.

Link:Schools Info(http://www.xuhui.gov.cn/gzfw-cssh-xx/)

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1.To learn more about Coronavirus updates for school admissions, please contact us via telephone (8621-64872222-Ext. Xuhui Education Bureau).

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Enrollment Policy


Please contact the Management Centre for School Admissions and Entrance Examinations, Shanghai Xuhui Education Bureau.

Address: 28 Bai Se Zhi Lu, Xuhui District, Shanghai


College Entrance Examinations: 8621-54361040

Examinations and Admissions for Senior High Schools: 8621-54361041

Junior /Junior High School Admissions: 8621-54361242

Kindergarten Admissions: 8621-54361439

Student Registrations:8621- 54361495